Our Story

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TALEdu is the largest international provider of personalized and customized courses, home-based learning (Coaching) and the sole provider of need-based tutoring worldwide where you can hire own your personal coach to obtaining your academic or professional curriculum to meet your personal and special learning needs.

We don’t give you a generalized Curriculum and education plan, we believe in uniqueness and specifically meeting personal educational needs of each and every learner. We use differentiation right from the start of courses till End . We use Diagnostic tests measuring your pre-existing level , Teaching & Learning  assessments being strong believers of everyone being different and unique as natural course. Everything and anything can be learnt but differently. You are not able to do it you will do it differently. Therefore, our team of special qualified ad well experience curriculum designers are recruited to design your personal curriculum or syllabus as per your levels and preferred learning style to progress in different National or International Curriculum of all sorts in Education and learning world. curriculum for you and that makes you shine and outstanding!


TALEdu is a global education network that has an active presence in Middle East, Asia, and Europe. TALEdu Network over thousands of students with specialized tutors and implement a proven, registered system. TALEdu provide students with a top-quality and individualized education that recognizes individual’s unique potential and prepares them to meet the challenges of 21st Century.

TALEdu Coaching network is distinguished by their implementation of the flexible, personalized and comprehensive system of education and training that offers a rigorous, internationally-oriented, profession preparatory curriculum emphasizing the core subjects of Primary, SEN, English, STEM, Creativity, Personal coaching, Family Learning and Professional development courses to students of all ages.

TALEdu is committed to providing a top-quality education for a changing world and is inspired by the idea of identifying strengths of your kid at an early age or gaps in your career at an adult age and hence our experts provide right guidance and plan to meet individualized life goals. TALEdu will support you and your complete family to get right amount of knowledge, support and personalized learning plan that will help our students to reach milestone without any confusion and doubts.

It’s never too late to invest in yourself!

TALEdu is your one-stop shop for professional development, personal growth, and goal fulfilment. We empower students to live the life they love by delivering diverse and easy to use courses right to your screen and inside your home. From making a career change to exploring new hobbies or interests, we have courses to tackle a wide spectrum of life’s challenges.

Why study English with TALEdu

  • We offer a range of courses from beginner to advanced level no age restrictions at chosen mode of study by you (Face to face in groups sessions or Online or even recruiting your tutor to stay with and learn on board at your home.
  • Courses are available at a date, time and venue to suit your learning needs (subject to availability).
  • Our courses are ideal for all age groups from early years toddlers to young learners or professional adults who want to improve their skills without any age limits on our courses
  • Our courses are taught by highly energetic, dynamic and professional qualified staff
  • You will be entitled to extra learning support if required 
  • Our teaching   learning and assessment is differentiated targeting individual Learning needs of each and every learner on board with us.
  • We have highly organised, well-structured curriculum 
  • We have introduced online and face to face unique learning opportunity by hiring or recruiting your own tutor full time of part time at your own home.
  • Family learning is actively utilised in another way of learning opportunity.
  • Evaluated Teaching and learning with feedback each session 
  • EFL Courses in TALEdu offer a fun and inclusive program that encompasses the very best experiences and with qualified Foreign staff
  • There is assessed teaching and learning at each and every phase of your learning journey with us and your progress is recorded.