SEN is a legal term in pedagogical sense that means children with some learning disabilities which make learning harder for them as compared to their age fellows.

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At our SEN program we practice teaching and learning with our Special need students in a way which recognises their special education needs, designing special and SEN imbedded Curriculum and activities based syllabus to suit their learning preferences with our unique and versatile teaching methodologies by our special SEN Trained Staff who has speciality in SEN education as their salient teaching specialism.

We have a designed and Customised Syllabus In our SEN programs which is taught with special care focusing on SEN students Individual and special learning needs. Our curriculum is designed to eliminate this obstacle of learning disability to fully understand their learning path and support them to succeed in gaining their Educational goals. Our program is consisting of variety of teaching methodologies specifically targeting the individual needs of such learners (SEN) where teachers have everything well planned and constructed learning activities and resources in their Special SEN teaching toolkit.

Main components of our programs are as follows.

  • Push-in Services. ..
  • Pull-out Services. …
  • Inclusive Classrooms. …
  • Exclusive Education. …
  • Specialty Schools. …
  • Residential Programs.

We work in coordination with SEN students regular school teachers, parents and mentors’ side by side to form a healthy and well understanding relationship benefiting students during our SEN sessions.

We offer 6,8- and 12-weeks SEN Program all three modes of learning as being offered with TALEdu Face to face -Online and Family Learning.

Courses offered are: 

  • English
  • Numeracy
  • Science
  • Arts
  • Creativity
  • Computers
  • Language

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