Learn together as and in family with a focus on mutual intergenerational learning.

TALEdu offers variety of Family learning programs where Mother or father can benefit with maximum of two kids in same program with effective process of reflective learning.

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Family Learning
is an approach which encourages family members to learn together

Certain activities are designed specifically to enable parents to learn and guide their children in learning journey. It has proved a powerful mode of delivery in modern day teaching methodologies which can foster a positive and healthy learning atmosphere withy in families to achieve their mutual learning outcomes.

TALEdu focusses on role of parents in Learning session as a first educators where learning is inclusive and recognises the value of education parents for better understanding of good parenting and improving a best learning cycle at home. Our family learning programs provides equal partnership of learning responsibility for both adults as well as children.

We use creative learning methods to engage our families learning clients on to our programs with highly effective approach. Our Family learning staff are highly motivated and actively involved in family learning development and progress supporting our FL members in adapting strategies which lead to their positive relationships, better understanding among family members and overcoming lack of communication or generation gap issues.

List of our courses available under Family Learning which are offered in 6 ,8 and 12 weeks programs

  1. English
  2. Math’s
  3. Science
  4. Arts
  5. Language of choice
  6. All